Get row

i want to get all rows from excel sheet from 48th row to 53th row

Use Read Range and set your range based on where the data is in the excel document. Assuming your workbook has 3 columns starting at column A, then your range would be “A48:C53”.

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what if 53th row is not fixed , it will be row just above where it is written FOUND

You could read a large range like “A48:C9999” up to the upper limit, and then use a Filter Datatable activity to remove blanks.

what if FOUND we got on C998 row

i dont want row from where FOUND is written

You could also filter that out with the Filter Datatable activity.

how to filter A column by null value


“MyColumn” should be replaced with the name of the column in the datatable you’ve pulled.

If you don’t know the name, but know which column it is, you can use a number here as well. For instance, if the column with "FOUND is column H, then you would use 2, since your first column is F, and the first column starts with 0.

i dont know column name , but want to filter first column

You can pass the number 0, in that case, since it refers to the first column.