Get Row items and write it in cells (by incrementing cell index)

  1. I have 20+ SQL queries
  2. I have to execute that one by one
  3. Get the result (it is a numeric value)
  4. Store that in an Excel sheet.
  5. For example, the first query should be placed in B1, second in B2…Check the screenshot below.

EIBronze.xaml (10.4 KB)


row(EIBRONZE)= row.Item("reqProcedures ").ToString

I tried to open the XAML given by you got the error.


row(EIBRONZE)= "reqProcedures ").ToString — Or what ever the output comes from the Stored Proc - save it in to the variable and put it in to the 2nd column - Put this code in the -Foreach row

once u r done with the looping u can put all data at one shot to the DT


Hello Shenthils,

Try to initailize count in variables and also in write cell make it as “B”&count