Get Queue Items from Orchestrator


I am facing issues while getting queue items from orchestrator.

Whenever we perform get queue items from particular queue, result of items is in LIFO i.e. last in first out from that queue.

To support query background of it as below:
1.We have properties of get queue items, set to successful items only
2.Assuming all items in queue are processed successfully without any retry
3.Priority of Queue items is normal.
4.No sorting is applied explicitly

Now, the issue is as per above, It should follow LIFO but we faced rare and unusual issues i.e. 2 - 3 times a month where the order of getting queue items from orchestrator is changed to FIFO and hence fails to perform further activities.

Request you all to provide some insights on it…

Addition to this, it is used with queue reference field with exact reference.


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ideally it would be from the latest only

can you please check if soemthing is changing when you get other way or may be the filter is filtering almost all the items


Just sort them after you get them.