Get Queue Items and Deadlines

I am trying to build a sequence that will pull all “New” items in queue and summarize them in a data table based on deadline so that agents can know how many are in queue as well as when their deadlines are. Is this possible?

I am pulling the items 100 at a time, then I have a For Each loop to go through each item in the queueItems variable, but not sure how I can extract the information I need.

Thanks in advance!

@Tyler294 ,

Try to use Orchestrator API to get the Queue item details, that will help you for this scenario. If you pull the QueueItem just to get the details, then the status will change as “In-Progress” from “New”. This will impact your robots execution.

Check this post, you may get some insight - How to Get Queue Item using UiPath API

It may be worth looking at a Marketplace solution - I use this and it works a treat
Symphony - Queue Reporting - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace