Get Python Object System.InvalidOperationException

I got this error,
i didn’t pass any parameter value
This is the code
def myName():
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Hi @Gaurav_Gore

Make sure that you have properly configured the Python environment in UiPath and that the Python package is correctly installed.

Kaviyarasu N

Yes it is correct its run for this program
def add(a,b):
result = a+b
return result

def sub(a,b):
result = a-b
return result

Input parameter is compulsory? for invoke python method activity

@Gaurav_Gore please refer to this:

Yeah its working but i want to show output on my message box activity

@Gaurav_Gore seems like its giving output as object. Convert it to string and then pass to message box

You need to pass the returned python object to the “Get Python Object” activity. If the script is returning text, this is where you can pass that test to a string.