"Get Position" sometimes fails even when application is on screen

Curious is anyone has seen Get Position fail from time to time even though the application object being referenced in the Selector is visible on the screen ?

Granted there is a possibility the Selector itself has changed but I’m doubting this. This “Get Position” is called hundreds of times during the normal operation of this workflow and then it just throws this:

Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector: [1] [2] Search failed at selector tag: [1] The closest matches found are: [67%] [67%]

No clue how to interpret that error string above but the “Exception Source” path for this error indicates where it is when it hits this. It is rare-ish but still enough to be annoying.

This only happens in Production on unattended Robots. We have never seen this in development - ever - in 1.5 years working on these workflows.

QUESTION: Outside of the Selector value changing, any ideas why this might be happening ?

Hello @riverrat437

Could you please confirm if Attach Browser/Window is used ?

If not, please try with the same.


I was just thinking this morning about wrapping this in an Attach Window but currently it is not.

This happens rather infrequently.

Yes, please do and let us know here if the issue still exist.


The workflow has been updated to include an Attach Window. I can’t say if it will address it immediately. This is definitely a “over long period of time” topic … either it happens or it doesn’t.

Interesting I found that Click activities following the prior Get Position don’t work inside an Attach Window.

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