Get Position of the columns by seeing the values

Below is the input file I need to write the values in to H3, I3, J3

By seeing first column(Dates) I am getting row Index, so how to find Column Position?


Hey @ManjunathReddy,

  1. If you only want to update the data in the H,I,J columns then you can use the write cell activity and then specify the cell numbers eg: H3,I3,J3.
    You can assign an index of type integer which will be incremented and in the ‘Cell’ value of the ‘Write cell’ activity, you can type ‘H+index.ToString’. This index can be incremented in order to write it in the next cell.

  2. You can also use the ‘Lookup Range’ activity to find the address of the columns in the excel. The output of this activity shall help you write to the specific columns in the excel.

Every run the columns will change for example now i am writing values in H,I,J for next run it will be K,L,M.

So, It is dynamic

Thanks for reply.

@Anil_G @Yoichi @supermanPunch

Hi @ManjunathReddy ,

When you are performing it for Every Run, it is also assumed that the Excel sheet is updated with the Columns, We Read the Excel Sheet as Datatable, we get the Total Number of Columns Present, then we can calculate the next Column letter from this data.

I believe we already had posted on your Other Topic, the methods, the same could be used here :

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