Get pid from background text of a webpage

Hi All,

I want to extract the individual url’s of review mentioned in flipkart for lenovo laptop.
Using get Attribute I am unable to get the required info:

Step 1:

right click on the username and go to inspect element. Find the Pid field

Step 2:

Pid Field:

The P id data will help me access this review separately on a new page but I am unable to extract it. Any activity which I can use in Uipath?


Did you try with get attribute activity?

yes I tried with outerhtml but did not get the desired output.

@archana.yamijala Try this xaml, you have to use parentid in the get attribute activity
GetPID.xaml (7 KB)

Hey!, this works I was adding the parentid in the selector so it was always giving me answer as ‘container’. Thanks for helping me out here.

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