Get path of selected item

Hi All,
I want to get the path of the selected item for example when i click on a pdf file i want to get the path of this pdf same for excel or txt but the folder is not specified i want to select file from my desktop or in document folder.
Can anyone tell me if i can do it in uipath and how?
Thank you in advance

You can use the following activity -

Output will be full path of selected file.

Hi KarthikByggari
i want to run uipath in background and when i click on any file or select any file on my desktop i want to send a message box containing the path of selected file.
Is it possible?

Hi Mariam,

Sorry, no idea about that. It will be tricky to trigger like that.
We can trigger some events once the mouse is clicked (not checked in UIPath). But no idea how to get the selected file information.


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Hi @Mariam

Please confirm is this what you are looking for

Get_SelectedFilePath.xaml (10.8 KB)


Thank you so much Sarath that is what i was looking for

Hi Sarath i want to know please if i want to select multiple item and get their path is it still possible?

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