Get password activity not encrypted in 18.3

Hi guys I am trying get password activity but while typing the password its not displayed in encrypted format kindly suggest

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Yes, me also faced same issue in 18.3

Hi @sujanumashankar

If you reopen the workflow, it will display as a randomized string of characters.

Nevertheless, we will look into it to make it more intuitive :slight_smile:


@loginerror Maciej, Yes i observed this randomized string in the Get password activity properties. But this is showing only for migrated activities. Not for new Get Password activities.
When we drag and drop new get password activity and type password then this activity is showing the password (not making it as “*”). This is concern and looking for fix.

Indeed, my phrasing was lacking in detail - we registered it as a bug and it will get fixed.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Just to confirm - it is fixed :slight_smile: