Get Particular Data from a Text file

Hi, i have a text file,from which i need to get a particular text from it…

I need to get the all the documents no one by one in a message box, can somebody help…



You can use Read Text file activity here then after this find same pattern for the data you want and try some string manipulations to get the same

i tried but i could not do it…do u have any sample file for this?

TIA @PrankurJoshi

Can you attach a sample file so that I can try to do the required stuff

dummy wf.xaml (15.9 KB)

This is far i can able to do it, and nothing seems going forward from here, can you help me @PrankurJoshi

dummy text.pdf (59.1 KB)

Please convert it into text file and do it…

Hi there @Santhosh_Hyd,
Please see the below: (66.8 KB)

Please keep in mind, this is a very rough example.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there @Santhosh_Hyd,
Apologies, I just re-read your original comment.

I’ve amended to retrieve only the Document Number, please see:
Forum_Example (2).zip (66.8 KB)

Thanks in advance,

thank you @Mr_JDavey, but i cant able to see the activities , i am using 2017 version and i think u did it in 2018 version, can you send me screenshots? and , i uploaded the pdf file because i cant upload the text file here, can i do the same activities for text file ?

Hi there @Santhosh_Hyd,
Ah, I’m using the Beta version :smiley:

Simply replace the troublesome XAML with the below:

For Each item In ienMatches

* Message Box - item.ToString

End For Each

Regarding your latter point, this should work exactly the same for the .txt file.

Simply replace the Read PDF activity with a Read File activity.

It utilises Regex, looking for 9 sequential digits:

As noted above, this is just to provide an idea, it will require refinement :slight_smile:

Thanks once again,

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Thank you so much, it worked fine @Mr_JDavey

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