Get page number in a Word document

is there any method in uipath which allows to find the number of page in a word document ?
I serach a keyword in a word file, and I want to know what page number it is located.

100-page document,
I’m looking for the keyword: xxx
Result: the word xxx is located on page 7



Welcome to UiPath Community!.

I don’t think we have a direct way to get the page number from a word in UiPath.

Instead you can try with Macro to search a keyword and get the page number, you can invoke the macro from the UiPath.

See this link, it will help you to create the macro for word search,

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Maybe consider automating the Word application itself…

Hi @Ahmed_BABBA

you can do one thing when you open the document use get text activity below and check the count

Ashwin S

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