Get Package Name, version and studio build!

This is an automation I created to capture the build of the automation, the name of the automation and the studio version used. I use this to output to the start of my custom log so I always know what build was being ran if I have to debug ect… I looked for something similar to this in the past and did not find it, so I decided to give back to the community. Feel free to comment or add suggestions ect.

Tool_GetProjectInfo.xaml (23.0 KB)

Simplified version based on ClaytonM’s feedback!
Tool_GetProjectInfo.xaml (8.7 KB)


Nicely Done :stuck_out_tongue:

but, it would be much easier to Deserialize the json file to a json object, then pull in the items using the keys. Here is a snippet, because I was just doing this as part of the framework:

Note: by using the relative path for project.json, it is assumed to use the current directory automatically.



Thanks for the feedback going to try this out!


loved this idea.
Directly included it in my personal REF-Template and added the info to the config Dictionary.

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