Get Outlook Messages Error

I am getting this error even tough my messages size is so small. I am trying ti get account and folder infu with arguments


Any help?

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are we trying to write in the console with any of the activities like write line activity or log message activity
if so kindly remove those and try to execute the process
Cheers @dcrt

No i am not using activities such as.
Thank you tough.

or are we trying to get a large sized data from the mail and trying to process it
Cheers @dcrt

No, it is just a one word mail for test purposes

I think the problem is i am trying to get mail list as output. When i convert it to variable it works but it doesn’t work as an output argument, which is what i need.

can i have a view on the get outlook mail activity property if possible
or kindly share the xaml
Cheers @dcrt

@dcrt, did you change the Type Argument of Get Outlook Mail Message Activity from Object to System.Net.MailMessage ?

Yes i did

Here is a screen shot of workflow i am sorry i can’t share the xaml

Fine in the Invoke workflow file property of this xaml kindly uncheck the Isolated property in the property panel
Cheers @dcrt

It suddenly started working without changing anything :thinking:
Thanks for your helps.


It must be due to outlook configuration mismatch
Or with argument passage between workflows
Cheers @dcrt