Get outlook mails from uipath

I’m getting following error when trying to use Get POP3 Mail Messages for outlook
Get POP3 Mail Messages: No such host is known. Please help me with this error.


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Is outlook application Installed in that machine ?

If yes then you can use Outlook activities directly instead of POP3 mail message activity.

No outlook is not installed in the machine. that’s why I have to use POP3 mail message activity. Is there any other way other than POP3 mail message activity?

Hi @dilii

Did you enable the settings in outlook

Do as below

Still you are facing error pls let me know


This setting is already enabled. and still I’m getting that error.

Hi @dilii

Check this


Thank you for the support.
But still getting the same error for both POP3 and IMAP.

You can check out this link. Hope this helps :smiley:

For use Get Outlook Mail Message activity, we need to install outlook in our desktop as I read. is there any other way to use this activity without installing Outlook? Since I’m new to UiPath I don’t have much knowledge and experience regarding this.

The reason for this might be the Kaspersky Antivirus software. but I need to find a solution where it can run when there is an anti virus software.

Try to use this one image

@kwoxer tried this also. Thank you. but is asking user to enter the user name password manually. but I want to get mails without any human interaction.