Get outlook mailMessage.Headers("Folder")

Got a case when robot taking outlook mail to var (mailMessage) from folder “Inbox”, then replacing it to another folder with activity by using this mailMessage var.

So the problem is - i cant replace it one more time. I think that the problem is with mailMessage old folder header - it not changes after replacing message to another folder at the first time.

I want to change it vy assign a new value to it, but i cant find any info about getting name of headers, where i can check the mail’s folder. I thought can get it via mailMessage.Headers(“Folder”).ToString, but it is empty. Any ideas? Thank you!

I see that there is no folder value at Headers. Ok, it should be at another place, because when i tried to replace it, studio said, that index changed. So i see this like Mail.FolderName(mailIndex). But how to get the name of the folder?

Found no solution. Used one more checking of mail, just at another folder instead of it.

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