Get Outlook Mail: Unable to read all the emails from specific day


I’m trying to read the all emails from a specific day using “Get Outlook Mail” activity.
The wf is working and i was able to read but only a part of it. As example, the outblook folder have 10 emails to read and the robot only identifies 8. I tried with another day and the same. Also left behind a couple of emails.
Is a very simple workflow and should be working.
Any idea about what might be working wrong?


Hi @VMLcs ,

check your get outlook mail activity properties , whether you choose only "only unread messages " Option or not

this should be un tick

amaresan. P

Hi Amaresan,

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately is selected accordingly, but even selected as it should, still not working.
I need the all content from the folder who the emails are stored (read or not read), from the specific day.

it should be untick… are u untick the option? and tried?

Note(remove top value as well)

is still not working?

I have that situation (as example):


I think the problem with your filter condition…try below condition in filter properties

SQL= (urn:schemas:httpmail:datereceived = ‘3/3/2021’)

I have tried your suggestion… have got exactly the same result… is “ignoring” the two older emails from the tested day.
Probably something is “wrong” with the email box and not exaclty with the conditions used…

Apparently the problem was related with an Outlook definition: Work Hours (Start Time and End Time). Was delimited and the robot ingnored the emails prior the “outlook start time”. I have changed the definitions and now is working.
Time Outlook

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