Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not existtt

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I have tried many ways to fix the issue, followed every step exactly as in the first demo video but still can’t find the solution and I have also put in my email in the Account, I tried 2-3 emails where I have the excel sheets


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Could you please show the Outlook mail window screenshot ?



Is the problem reading emails or saving attachments?


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Account mail id and folder name are case sensitive, so please check whether the property details matches with the configurations made in outlook.

Also check on the below link whether the outlook configuration is done correctly,
How to Configure Gmail in MS Outlook? (

So this is the error that I get

I have tried changing my email to my outlook email as well but didn’t work. I have sent the invoices to my Gmail and Outlook both

you mean this? Sorry, I am just completely new to RPA and trying to learn it for certification.


  • What is the folder name that you have provided in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity?
  • Also, did you install outlook in your local

For Input it : Inbox
for output : CourseEmails

I followed everything as described in the video I don’t understand why I am still getting that error. I can provide more screenshots

I need to get the outlook app? I thought I just needed to have outlook email

@datto.shahrukh To use Get Outlook Mail Message activity the outlook (desktop app) should install in your local since it will be accessing your local outlook app to read the emails. This activity can’t work with web outlook

To read the emails from your gmail you can ref the below video

Read emails from gmail

Ok, thank you very much :slight_smile:

@datto.shahrukh If the above discussed points helps you please mark as solution and close the topic since it would help others facing the similar issue. Thank you!