Get outlook mail messages : The specified folder does not exist

I want read “inbox” folder, I try whit “inbox” and “Posta in arrivo” but the error in always the same

yes remove inbox and make that empty then it will run.

nothing :sweat:

share your workflow please.

prova get outlook.xaml (6.4 KB)

try this: prova get outlook.xaml (6.4 KB)

Nothing, now I’m trying to get “Get IMAP mail messages”. A question (off topic), can I create a filter that blocks the sender if it exceeds x emails in a time lapse y?

can you again try to download and run it and let me know.

it doesn’t work

strange it works… always.

don’t worry…by the way, you can help me whit the filter?
what do you suggest me

Hi ,
Could you please remove your mail id from “Account” field and add “Inbox” in the MailFolder property and give a try.


Thanks a lot! It works now!

I solved it this way.

In the Mail Folder field, enter the value below.

Account Settings → Incoming Mail Folder Path



Can anyone share me the solution as I am facing the same problem!!


I have the same issue


am getting these error ?

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Change the Mailfolder as Inbox in the properties and give a try

What Next ? Its Not Working ?

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Remove the mailid from Account property.