Get Outlook Mail Messages Junk Folder Messages from System Administrator

Outlook will receive messages from System Administrator if an email was “Undeliverable.” They are not emails because normal Outlook rules will not move these messages.

I want to develop a workflow that reads messages from the Junk Email folder to determine if an email was Undeliverable. My workflow is not working when I set the MailFolder to “Junk Email” in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity, but I don’t know if it’s because the bot can’t find the Junk Email folder or if it’s because they are not emails (they’re messages from System Administrator; not technically emails).


mention the folder as “Junk Email” in folder property of GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY and try once
Ensure that OnlyUnreadMessage property if enabled then we need to have some messages in unread state else disable that property

i tried to simulate that
it showing me the count when i had one message in that

Cheers @Ben88

@Palaniyappan I’ve already set the MailFolder as “Junk Email” and tested it with the OnlyUnreadMessage property checked and unchecked. The problem is that messages from System Administrator are not technically emails. So the bot doesn’t retrieve them.

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hi @Ben88, have you solve this? i have same problem too, uipath cant detect mail from System Administrator