Get outlook mail messages failed: the specified folder does not exist is driving me crazy

Hi, I have a process in which the robot triggers a process that sends a mail to the robots mailbox. Due to network traffic and/or mainframe performance the mail doesn’t always arrive immediately. So my robot looks if the mail has arrived, if so it processes the mail, if not, it waits a few seconds, then looks again if the mail has arrived.

This process works inconsistently. Sometimes it does what it is supposed to do, sometimes it doesn’t. But lately it always fails after 114 iterations of looking whether the mail has arrived. And it has arrived, only the Get outlook mail messages does not find it.
After 114 iterations I get the message “The specified folder does not exist”. Why the heck is that, all of a sudden? I don’t get it. When I try to open the robots mailbox myself, it doesn’t open. Solutions are not always the same: sometimes it suffices to try to reopen the mailbox for a second time, sometimes I have to reboot the computer. And sometimes I get the error: Outlook out of memory. So it seems that the Get outlook mail messages action “eats” memory. Is this a bug?

I searched the forum for this problem, and saw that many of us are struggling with this error. I tried (almost) all of the suggested solutions, but none of them was succesful.

Anyone any ideas?

Operating system: Windows 7
Outlook 2010
UiPath Studio 2019.4.3

Hi @ivandeca,

Seems the issue is with outlook not with UiPath robot. Yes, it happens sometimes due to the office performance. I suggest you to use other email clients like IMAP or POP3. You would not face such issues there.

Still if you would like to continue with outlook only, try cleaning your email box by deleting unnecessary emails it will increase the performance and make outlook faster.

Good luck!!

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Same issue. Did you solve it at the end? Thank you in advance for reply!

Hi, for us the solution was to switch to ‘Get Exchange Mail Message’.