"Get outlook mail messages" and mail's internet header

Hi folks,

I browsed the forum many times to find an answer to my question, but so far now luck. Few of us already mentioned it here, but there was no proper exact ever drafted (other then use different activity).

I wanted to know, did anyone successfully extracted emai’s Internet header using Get outlook mail messages activity?

“Get outlook mail messages” is the only activity which fails to get internet headers. It get some headers, but none of the data there are from Internet header, where much more interesting information are (sender info, server info, conversationID, etc).
When I am using Get smtp messages or Get imap messages, all header info are there, but for this particular project I am working on, I have to work with outlook and outlook related activities.

I am using latest version of UiPath and latest version of Email activities, but so far no luck :frowning:

Thanks for help/advice.



Ok. I think I got it.

Truth is, that Headers downloaded by “Get outlook mail messages” still do contain much less information then Headers downloaded by other 2 Activities (POP3 and IMAP).

But at least Headers by “Get outlook mail messages” do contain Unique message id. It is not the same like from proper headers, but it does works when navigating via Outlook activities.
When in ForEach, you can call this id by mail.Headers(“Uid”)

Funny thing is, when I tried this before, with older version of objects, it always returned me a same value for every mail.

Thanks to my colleague Anastasiya :slight_smile:


I’m getting outlook mails messages, but i need to know which one is the reply of the other email. I think I should use message-Id and references(https://cr.yp.to/immhf/thread.html)

I get the Uid, but I need message-id and references… Did anyone know how to get those?

Check if this helps