Get outlook mail messages after a certain datetime



If you dont need background information, just go straight to the question at the bottom.
I am working on a project. The project includes email reading process on hourly basis.
Currently, I simply read all emails and mark them as read. But when my robot throw exception and crashes, it can not re-process those emails I read since it is marked as read. I have to manually select and mark those emails as unread again in order to re-process them.
After that I decide to not mark emails as read at beginning of my process. I simply read emails at beginning and at the end of my process I read emails again to mark as read. But this cause another interesting problem: If I receive emails after robot starts & before robot ends, I will falsely mark the unprocessed email data as read as well.

I want to find an approach to read emails sent within a certain time interval (09:30-10:30, etc).
Or read emails after a certain datetime(after 09:30, etc).
Or simply find a way to mark emails as read emails, not in “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity, but within the for each loop of email list I got from “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity.
There must be a way to achieve my goal… If my demand confuse you, please go through background info.

Thank you all.



You can use the Filter Property to try to achieve your goal :slight_smile:

Refer to these:

Hope it Helps :slight_smile:



If you want to read emails based on Datetime you can use below in filter property

“[Received]>= '” + now.AddDays(0).ToString(“D”) + “’”
“[From]= ‘Input Mail’”


now.AddDays(0).ToString(“D”) is only considering date part, time is not being considered, do we have any solution for that?


I have to get mail (from Sent Items folder) based on Sent time in Get Outlook activity and the Outlook Language: language was in German.

kindly share the Filter syntax to get the mail based on sent time.

Tharma KS