Get Outlook Mail Message not working

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I had some issue, have you solved this, thanks

After a lot of additional research, it turns out it was the Object Model Guard was enabled by corporate IT Administrators. There are a number of keys available in the registry in the branch:


In my case: promptoomaddressinformationaccess is set to 0 by a Group Policy - So while I can retrieve the messages and the content such as subject or body, any attempt to access address related attributes (such as From) fails.

Other values in this branch on my system which appear to be related are: (all with value 0)

I have not had much success in finding good documentation from Microsoft on these Registry keys or more details on Object Model Guard.

As for a solution, for the VMs we run our Robots on we have a Group Policy exception which allows access.


So this is the reason right?


Hey Folks @aksh1yadav / @JOrdinas /

i am doing it on client PC but do have rights to modify firewall setting. Can someone let me know what exactly am i supposed to change to fix this issue. and where all do i need to make changes.
If firewall - what exactly do i need to look for
If registry- what all keys do i need to change.

Because it i am not able to fix this i need to share the info with IT team as well to get it resolved.

It is not a firewall change - it is a set of registry keys under the:


Branch which control Programmatic access to Outlook. If you can edit your Registry (i.e. not disabled administratively by group policy) you can change the setting…

P.S. Keep in mind that this is probably done by IT for security reasons, so you should probably check with them BEFORE you make any changes.


Hi @aksh1yadav
The xaml file i have run and saw it throws an error.
error screenshot : image


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can anyone get the solution for this issues !!!

while i am using Get Outlook mail Message Activity in that property Mail Folder i have gave command as “Sent Items”
Error : The specified folder not exists.
But in My outlook folder are available : image


If only one mail account configured with outlook , Just leave the “Account” as blank. Then it will work.

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Can you please guide me configuring for Outlook Automation.

Hello ,

I am facing unexpected Outlook behavior. For the first time outlook read email with empty body however there is a message in body as “Approved”. But second time when I unread the same email then Outlook read body successfully. I don’t understand the issue.

Did anyone facing the same issue?