Get Outlook Mail Message in a remote desktop

I am trying to configure a robot to fetch emails in an inbox on a remote desktop session. I have tried to use the Get Outlook Mail Message function, both with “Input - Account” filled out and empty, but I keep getting the “Folder does not exist” message.
I can make it work if I use outlook on the samt desktop that the robot is running on, but not when it is on a remote desktop.
I have no problem making it do other things, in the remote session, like clicking around in outlook, but I am not able to make it work using this function.
Any clue as to what what I am missing?

I have configured it the following way:
MailFolder: “Inbox”
Output Messages: maillist

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Hi Mate,

I had this issue yesterday and my problem was that I had the account that I was trying to get the mails from incorrectly formatted; as in I had it in lower case as opposed to exactly how it is in Outlook.

Unlikely to be your issue, but you never know :smiley:

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With which we can even configure the outlook passing username and credentials

Cheers @NielsOlsen

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I did a copy/past from the mail account settings to be sure, so it should be corretly formatted. But thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I never tried the GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY - I will give it a spin and see if it works, thanks :slight_smile: