Get Outlook Mail Message function does not return meeting responses

Hi, I am trying to automate tracking of meeting invite responses. But based on my initial analysis, I found out that Get Outlook Mail Message only collects the email responses and not the meeting acceptance and declines. Does anyone know a workaround this?

Hi @amit.sharma

Not sure I understand. The email response to a meeting includes accept/decline in the subject line and body. Can you not capture that using mailitem? Of course the attendee may accept/decline but not send a response.

I sure someone can point you in a better direction but you can always invoke VB code. Here’s a good start if you want to go down that path…

Working with Outlook calendar (appointment and meeting items)

I’m interested in what other Community members come up with.


Hi Troy,

You are right. I am not able to capture the email response. The functions in GetOutlookMessage don’t treat those email response emails as mail item. For instance, I moved some random emails and the email response and performed a count of mail items in that folder. It only returned the number of actual emails and ignored the meeting response emails.

I am not very good at VB coding but I will look into the alternate path you have suggested. Meanwhile, if anyone knows of a function that does this in uipath, I will truly appreciate it.

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