Get Outlook Mail Message Activity Filters

Hi all,

I’m trying to filter out any emails that don’t have 3 attachments.
And to makes sure that the attachments have the correct name.

@SQL= urn:schemas:httpmail:sendername=‘Email Address’ AND urn:schemas:httpmail:hasattachment=true AND (urn:schemas:httpmail:attachmentfilename like’%paeds%’ or urn:schemas:httpmail:attachmentfilename like’%admin%’ or urn:schemas:httpmail:attachmentfilename like’%disp%’)

paeds , admin and disp are names of the attachments, How do I code it so that the filter knows to look through the 3 attachments and only continue if all attachments have the correct names?

Thanks for any help…

can you try this

TrDizin.xaml (9.5 KB)