Get Outlook Mail from subfolder - crashes at times


I’m trying to retrieve emails from the subfolder of a shared mailbox in Outlook using the below properties in ‘Get Outlook Mail Message’:
Account: AccountName
MailFolder: config(inFolder).tostring
Config(inFolder): Inbox\Level 1\Level 2\Target Folder

This approach works well and suddenly crashes with the error:
An ExceptionDetail, likely created by IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults=true, whose value is:
System.ArgumentException: The specified folder does not exist

After a while, using the same approach, I’m able to read the emails successfully.
Any ideas as to how I can make this process reliable or, what could be causing the crash?

Hi @azherullah_hussaini

What is the version of your Studio and the version of your activity packages (mainly Mail)?


Thank you very much, @loginerror!

I’m on 2018.3.3 and updating to Mail Activities v1.3 from v1.2 resolved the issue :smiley:

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Started getting the errors again, the Studio version is 18.3.3 and Mail Activities package is 1.3.

Are there any other possible reasons for this?

If you are using the Enterprise edition, please log a ticket with our technical support.

Is there anything that has changed in your setup for it to stop working?

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Not really. The issue had just popped up all of a sudden. I’ll try to check-in with the Tech team, as suggested.

Apologies, I thought I had replied. Thanks again!

Are you sure that the folder name hasn’t been changed? With the lower and upper case. :thinking:

Confirmed. No change whatsoever.

i am getting issue on “Get Outlook messages” .
error: Specified fodler doesn’t exist.

please find the attached screen shot.