Get Outlook mail from folder outside Inbox




I have a problem trying to obtain mails from a public folder like Favorites. I have tried getting then by using the GetOutlookMailMessages activity but to no avail. I can get my mails from Inbox just fine by using the path in mailFolder option: “Mailbox - name\Inbox”, but when i try obtaining the mails from my Favorites folder using “Public folders -\Favorites\Folder” it gives the following error: Get outlook mail messages : The specified folder does not exist. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

Thank you.


Hi @Sabin,

I tried this with folders outside from inbox and it is working fine. Just specify the folder name in MailFolder option in properties of Get outlook mail message.


I can access any folder from my Mailbox, but from any folder in the Public Folders(Cartelle pubbliche) i cannot. It gives the error i already described.
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In the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity, just specify the Account EMAIL ID used for that Inbox (we have had to face cases where the bot had to access a shared INBOX). Just type the Email ID in the “Account” field in Properties tab for the activity.

Then you can specify the Folder you need to retrieve the mails from. :smiley: