Get outlook mail error

somebody can help me to resolve this problem for getting email from outlook?the ‘Get Exchange Mail Messages‘ activity showed me :One or more errors occurred. How can I get useful info from this error log and make a right setting

Hi there, you have not posted any error log \ messages that you are facing…

you mean I should use try-catch to throw this exception message right?

Have you provided values for all required properties… take a look at this article, this will be helpful for you…

Lesson - 11 Email automation topic under Level 1 Foundation Training in also has detailed steps that you can follow along.

I’m sure that‘s setting is correct because it has been used for a long time.Recently,sometimes it got this problem and I tried again found it run normally yet. Maybe I should try again with try-catch this afternoon ,thx a lot

sure, check if you are running it on a vpn… sometimes that could hinder as well… keep us posted what you find… All the best.