Get Outlook Mail Error : Folder does not exist

While using Get Outlook Mail, getting error Folder does not exist

I’ve two mail account attached to the Outlook Mail. I tried with both the mail accounts but every time getting same error.

If anyone can please help.

plz check ur folder structure in ur mailbox.root folder\subfolder\Inbox kind of

I hope I used correct folder as “Inbox”
Even though I used a VBA code to identify correct folder.

I got the output as “\\Inbox”

But even after than I got the similar error. Please help.

Strange!! Im able to read the messages. Do u have outlook installed in the machine where u r running the robot? and if installed can u tell me what version it is

Same here,
in my system I’ve O365 installed.
Outlook v 2016
I’m not sure why this is happening I tested the same inside RDP also.
In RDP also I’ve Outlook 2016.