Get outlook is not working


Existing BOT running under one user mail account, when that user got moved out I have configured the new person email id under the Get outlook mail activity. All folder and other configuration is fine. But when I run the code above error is coming. ITs simply moved to next activity . Its urgent please help

How are you doing this? @Mohana_BASKARAN_MN


Can you show me the exception screenshot instead of showing output?

no exception error has thrown

Try running the activity out of the try catch block, then you will get the exact error @Mohana_BASKARAN_MN


This is my complete flow. Please note that its developed by someone else

oh, can you open that workflow and see the properties pane for the get outlook mail messages activity?

And, do you have your outlook opened in the machine?

YEs its opened and folder name and mail ids are correct. Even checked the folder options owner

Sorry I cant share the persons name

May be the option of reading only the unread messages is checked. Please check the properties pane of the Get Outlook mail messages

no its unchecked

Please try running that particular activity individually by copy and pasting in new sequence and check the output. @Mohana_BASKARAN_MN

or just try doing it manually in another sequence

I tried new sequence with simple get outlook mail messages activity, configured the email and folder. But got an exception " The Specified folder does not exist" , Type: ArgumentException. But actually the folder is exist in the Inbox

If you have multiple mail ID’s in the outlook , try giving the mail id for which the specific folder exists. If it is a subfolder inside the inbox, try giving it as “Inbox/folder name”

I m getting this

When I press the ui explorer to see the selector I got this

I m running again, lets see

I never had this issue before. By the way just wanted to confirm the slash “Inbox/Foldername” right?

Only one email id, which I gave it under Input : Account: “email id”. By the eay when I re run the above error is not coming. But I realized that the BOT is not reading the email., because the emails are still shows as unread…eventhough the propery “markAsRead” is checked.

it is backward slash as Inbox\Folder…

And close application won’t close if there is another process visible on the screen instead of excel. I mean, if you are running three applications and when a second application is on the screen instead of excel at that time of running the close application activity, it won’t recognize.

So, the alternate is kill process…

As I said, no exceptions errors but it has not read the email :frowning:

Can you post the screenshot of properties of Get outlook activity @Mohana_BASKARAN_MN …

and also try checking whether it is retrieving the messages by checking the count and displaying in message box …as