Get outlook email Activity: Apply Filter

I want to filter out the emails using get outlook email activity. I want to retrieve all the emails where subject is not equal to A & B and read all the other emails.

I am able to apply one filter using [Subject]<> A. But I want to apply OR condition as well but unable to succeed. Help us in this regards.

Thanks in advance!

Filter = β€œ[Subject]<>β€˜A’ or [Subject]<>β€˜B’”

Not working

if it is a string you should write

"[Subject]<>'Insight Vendor:0913945378'"


β€œ[Subject]<>β€˜Insight Vendor:0913945378’” is not working but when we remove the single quote i.e. β€œ[Subject]<>Insight Vendor:0913945378” is working fine. But we need to include one more subject as well that we are unable to do it.

We need to pick up all the emails except two wherein Subject is A & B.

Hi All, I have tried and below is the solution for the same:

β€œ[Subject]<>A AND [Subject]<> B”

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