Get outArgument from a process not started via UiPath App

Hi there,

I have a simple App in UPath Apps and would like to get and display an out-Argument from an indirectly started subprocess. The process in question is started via Start Job activity in a workflow triggered directly via a button in the App.

Both processes are in the same orchestrator, same permissions, both linked to the app, have defined out Arguments, which are directly (i.e. not via app variable) bound to a text field in the App.

Still the directly triggered process shows the arguments values just fine, the indirect not. Is this the intended behaviour or am I missing something?



I would suspect that this is by design. While you have both workflows linked to your app, your app only calls the workflow that contains the Start Job activity.

So your call stack looks like this:

App → WorkflowA → WorkflowB

Even if WorkflowB has an output argument (the one that you want), your app will never see it, unless WorkflowA explicitly passes it on down the chain.

So WorkflowA should consume the output from WorkflowB, and then pass it to the app through WorkflowA’s own output argument.



Thanx, all clear.



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