Get ouput transaction item by api

Good afternoon I needed your help
I need to fetch the transactionItem output by api
I searched the documentation but couldn’t find a solution.
If anyone could help or point out a way I would be very grateful.

Hello @Rui_Cruz2 ,

The link you provide is a guide and has some examples on how to implement but doesn’t include the full API reference. You will find the actual reference in the swagger UI as described here API References (

Back to your question, exactly what information are you looking to retrieve? There are quite a few endpoints for queueitems

Perhaps you should start exploring the QueueItems endpoint

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TransactionItem Output is retrieved by fetching the QueueItem by Key ([orchestratorURL]/swagger/index.html#/QueueItems/QueueItems_GetById)

You can see from their sample output in the link JSON Objects Output and OutputData, same as you would if you wanted to see the SpecificContent, etc.

Note that Output can only be set when the transaction is successful and cannot be used for failed transactions.

  "@odata.context": "$metadata#QueueItems/$entity",
  "QueueDefinitionId": 555333,
  "Encrypted": false,
  "OutputData": "{\"DynamicProperties\":{\"Status\":\"Incomplete\",\"Error\":\"1234\"}}",
  "AnalyticsData": null,
  "Status": "Successful",
  "ReviewStatus": "None",
  "ReviewerUserId": null,
  "Key": "0c417fb0-eeee-bbbb-cccc-2afdf133972d",
  "Reference": "557685e4-eeee-bbbb-ccc-33ed24267361",
  "ProcessingExceptionType": null,
  "DueDate": null,
  "RiskSlaDate": null,
  "Priority": "High",
  "DeferDate": null,
  "StartProcessing": "2022-07-28T19:28:38.8Z",
  "EndProcessing": "2022-07-28T19:28:39.48Z",
  "SecondsInPreviousAttempts": 0,
  "AncestorId": null,
  "RetryNumber": 0,
  "SpecificData": "{\"DynamicProperties\":{}}",
  "CreationTime": "2022-07-28T19:28:38.8Z",
  "Progress": "Step B",
  "RowVersion": "AAAAABtuaH0=",
  "OrganizationUnitId": 3334445,
  "OrganizationUnitFullyQualifiedName": null,
  "Id": 123456789,
  "ProcessingException": null,
  "SpecificContent": {},
  "Output": {
    "Status": "Incomplete",
    "Error": "1234"
  "Analytics": null
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Thanks for the help, I got it

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