Get Orchestrator Parameters From Multiple Workflows In One Package


So say I have an automation created with two workflows: Main.xaml and Job.xaml. The automation starts with Main.xaml and at some point invokes the Job.xaml workflow.

I publish the Main.xaml package to Orchestrator and test run the automation and everything works as expected. However, I noticed I did not inherit the arguments from Job.xaml when I created the package.

For example these are my parameters from Main.xaml :

But I would also want the parameters from Job.xaml to appear here:

How can I go about with this?


You need to add them as arguments in Main.xaml if you want to be able to access them in this way on Orchestrator. Orchestrator doesn’t know that Job.xaml is going to be referenced it only knows that it should start Main.xaml and pass it the arguments that appear in Main.xaml.

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I guess that would work in my instance, but what if someone has a lot of arguments in both workflows? I was under the assumption that the point of multiple workflows was to break up more complex projects, and the lack of parameters in Orchestrator feels a little limiting.

Thanks for the answer. Again in my use case I will do what you said but am concerned what to do when the project gets large.

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