Get only one value from cell from datatable

Website Data:

Extracted data using table extraction from portal:

Expected output:

Attached the input file & expected output
InputFile.xlsx (10.5 KB)
ExpectedData.xlsx (10.4 KB)
file for our reference

Can you guide to achieve following requirements?

  1. If two values in “Column-3” then we need only EN value
  2. If only one value in “Column-3” we can get available value
  3. If two values in “Column-2 “ (Title) , Can we copy only English title ( only if possible)
  4. Add two columns “Language” & “tableRowNumber”
  5. Add the value got from step 1 in Language column.
  6. Row index +1 value in tableRowNumber column

use your variable like Datatable(index of the row)(index of the column).tostring

@Yoichi can you please help?


How about the following? (11.7 KB)


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Thanks a lot

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