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Hello everyone,

I have an Excel file and I would like to extract only the values from column D and E. I have a list of emails in column D and in E a list of groups. I tried the Read Column activity and it works great but I would like to get the Read Range working as well. I need to get an array of results so that I can insert them in an application one at a time.

So for example in D2 I have an email “” and in the E2 column I have the group “” that I need to associate with this email. I would like to get the value from D2 and E2 and then D3 and E3 and so on. It’'s a bit of a mess to use 2 Read Columns because the for each activity becomes a total mess or maybe I am not using it correctly I don’t know.

Bottom line is that I need to get the email in D2 and insert it in an application, while creating the email in that app at some point I need to also insert the group that I find in E2 then continue with D3 create the email and at a specific point associate the group listed in E3 and so on. Hope I was clear enough :grinning:

Thanks in advance for any ideas provided. I also attached the excel example to get a better idea of what I am looking for.

Bogdanemail add (1).xlsx (9.6 KB)

@bogdan.pirsan you can use for each row and inside use get row item and pass column name

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