Get "On befal of" Email Address

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please how to get “EMAIL 2” into a variable? When I give “Email.From” I get “EMAIL 1”.

I’m using the GetOutlookEmailMessage activity

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1.Take the Subject into a string variable.
2.Split the subject with “on behalf of”, Take the split value in a string array variable(Split).
3.Split(1).Tostring.Trim will give Email2.
4. Split(0).Tostring.Trim will give Email1.

Try this and let me know.

Hi @praseedplk,

Unfortunately, this is not a “Subject” field, but a “From” field (email sender).

Try item.From.ToString instead of item.Subject.ToString -> Take into string variable and continue as above.

It has already been tried and “EMAIL 1” will pull me out.

Hi @jan.exner

So on From Field why dont you use the Regex to Extract Both the Email ID’s

As @praseedplk said item.From.ToString you might get the whole line as a string Right ??

Then As per the Google below is the Regex for the same :-


The Above Regex will give you the Email Id’s from the From Field

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If I use Mail.From I always get only “EMAIL 1”, so I can’t use this

Please, help me :slight_smile: !