Get OCR text from website

Hi All,

Can I confirm will ‘get OCR text’ work for extracting numbers off an image on webpage which will change every week?

For example, the circled number below -
The format will be the same but the numbers will get updated weekly.

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That’s what Get OCR Text is for, yes.

Keep in mind OCR can be inaccurate. However, in my experience it’s more accurate for numbers than letters.

What are the properties of the image? Use Ui Explorer to look at them. Sometimes on pages like this the image will have a property such as helpText that contains the value too, and it would be more reliable to get that.

Nope @victorialim It won’t.

Is that an image or a normal website with text ?

Hello @victorialim

I hope Get OCR text can extract the value if the format of the image is readable. You try by changing the OCR as well.

If that is some selector based element , you can use get attribute activity and extract the value.