Get ocr activity not getting the right text because it moves around slightly

hi friends,
i using get ocr text for a scanned pdf to extract some text to a excel file. when it does extract the text it is not always the right text because the position of the text moves just slightly up and down for every pdf scan. how can i make it “dynamic” or make it so that it can pull the text even though it moves. this a scanned pdf by the way so please any help and directions are welcomed.

So in that case there are three options

  1. First if you want to get from pdf only with UI Interaction then use a SEND HOT KEY activity and use key as ctrl+f and type the near by anchor word of your text
    And use another send hot key with key as enter

This will take you to the word you want and then you can get that with get ocr text

  1. Second method is use READ PDF WITH OCR and get the text as string
    Use OmniPage ocr as engine
    For that go to design tab → manage packages → all packages → search for OmniPage and install that activities package

This will give you the text and I’m you can get your text in specific with string manipulation like Split or Regex method

  1. Then finally we can use ANCHOR BASE activity if you want to get through UI INteraction
    Where use FIND IMAGE activity and scrape the region of anchor of your text and in right side use get ocr text

We can also do that same with COMPUTER VISION activities
Give a try with that as well

being image based text it requires lot of trial and error and find the best optimal approach

Cheers @Shazid_Rahman

how can i do this for multiple pdf files

also for some reason i cant download omnipage

the first metod cant work because its a scanned pdf