Get Next empty cell location in Excel

I have a task in which i have 3 different sheets in a excel then copy and pasting data from every sheets to a final sheet, but it is in a loop like from first sheet i have pasted data to final sheet then i need to know the next cell location from where i can paste data from Sheet 2 then same can do from sheet 3. After pasting all data again start from sheet1 then sheet 2 then again sheet 3…i am able to think about logic but not getting exactly idea how to do this. Please help!

We can get the datatable from three different sheets and merge them together with Merge Datatable activity if they have same table structure
Like this
—use a excel application scope and pass the file path of excel as input
—inside that use a READ RANGE ACTIVITY and mention the first sheet name we want get the datatable named dt1
—again two more READ RANGE activity and get the datatable named dt2 and dt3
—now use a MERGE DATATABLE activity where in the source mention as dt1 and in destination property mention as dt2
Now the data from dt1 and dt2 will get merged at dt2 Altogether

—then a final merge datatable activity with source as dt2 and destination as dt3 so that now all data will be in dt3

Make sure that all these sheets have same structure of column and same order of columns and same column named
Only then merge datatable will work

Now we can pass this dt3 variable as input to WRITE RANGE activity

Cheers @Sachin129

Issue is resolved now all the sheets have different formats. i have done this through for each loop. Thanks for reply.

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