Get Name and Path Relative Workflow Current


I would like to get the name and relative path of the workflow that is running at the time of the call.

I want to invoke a workflow file and I would like the path to be dynamic depending on where it is being called from.

I have tried to attach screenshots, but it won’t let me.

Thank you

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What error do you have? Can you share error message when hovering red exclamation mark?



The error is generated because the pathWorkflow and nameWorkflow variables do not exist.

I’ve just tried to make it look how I want the workflow call path to look.

My problem is that I don’t know how to get the relative path and name of the workflow that is currently being executed (Click-Interactions.xaml)


How about passing invoked xaml file path as argument in advance as the following?


It is not a valid solution for me.

The following screenshot shows the folder structure of my project.

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I’m making a reusable click event where I include:

  • Check if the element exists
  • Click on the element
  • Check if the corresponding page loads

The call route is:

Call Click-Interacciones.xaml (where you get the name and relative path of the workflow) → Invoke EventClick.xaml → Invoke CheckStateAfter.xaml (which is located within the folder with the same name of the main Click-Interacciones workflow).

If the main workflow is Click-Polizas.xaml, the relative path and name of the workflow will change accordingly.

If I do not do it dynamically and the folder structure is changed in the future, I must update it in each workflow.

I have seen that it could be obtained with the Alphabet package but now it is not compatible with Windows projects.

I have also seen that with get current job info you can obtain the name of the workflow but not the relative path.

This topic has my head a little crazy xD


In this case, i think it may be better to use library for these reusable xaml files. How about this?


Precisely, what I am showing is a library and all these workflows will be called from an external process.

The only problem that I don’t solve is how to obtain the relative path of the workflow that is being executed at that moment. Ex:

Click-Interactions.xaml → Get the relative path “Framework\Screens\Main”

It’s what I need

En este post creo que resuelven lo que quiero hacer, pero no se como implementarlo.

GetCurrentJobInfo–>WorkflowFullPath as a property - Feedback / Activities - UiPath Community Forum


The code in the above topic is for custom activity. Basically it’s necessary to create it using Visual Studio, I think. Unfortunately, as CurrentJobInfo returns only workflow name yet, we need to wait for it until officially support it.



Hope this one might help you get the current location dynamically


Could you explain to me how to implement this code that you mention?


you can use activity builder and use the provided code in the activity builder to create an actviity which will give the required info



Thanks for the reply. I will try to do my own activity. Once the steps in the post that you indicate have been completed, would it be just copy and paste the code?

A shame, I thought it could be solved in a simpler way.

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In the activity builder yes you can use the code as is…just make sure all dependencies mentioned are imported…all the details are there in the activity builder pge