Get multiples links of a page generated by tempo (appian) where the url/HREF attributes don't have value

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my tempo (appian BPM interface) from wich i can’t get the multiple links without clicking on it and grab the url of the new page.
it seems that the link is generated from a javascript function and i wasn’t able to get it till now.
Here you have the main page :

If I try the datascrping method, i get as a result something like # as instead of the url :
if i try the get attribute (with url, href, etc), i get as result :
“https://bpm_blabla/suite/tempo/tasks/assignedtome” wich is the url of the main page where the navigator already is.

I think that the solution is maybe through a js injection, but i’am really weak with that and can’t find the way.
Could you help me with this, please?

This provides an example of similar code, I think the Inject JS option is the way forward for sure:

Thank you for your answer and for the hint
I am out of my office till tuesday, and will back on it to try these solutions.

I’ll let you know next week.