Get multiple rows from search results in address book of outlook


I want the text from 1st, 2nd … rows, which are generated as search results in the address book of Iutlook.

As of now I am able to extract the 1st row only using “get text”, but unable to get if search result contains multiple rows.

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Did FIND CHILDREN activity worked on this

Cheers @ronty

Hi @ronty
Do one thing use a click activity on Name Column and use copy Selected Text activity

Ashwin S

No, find children did not work. its giving result as count =0

hi Ashwin,

click activity is not working on Name column.
there is no effect of clicking on Name column in general as well.

May I know what was the scope chosen in FIND CHILDREN activity property panel
Cheers @ronty

@Palaniyappan I tried all the scopes, though children and descendant is meaningful. but both did not work.

Can u tell me, on which element should I apply the Find Children activity ?
Because its not a table, the columns – Name, Title etc. are separate and the search results are shown on a separate container.

So, whenever I try to iterate using for each loop over the output of the find Children activity (a list) it gives me result as 0

hi @Palaniyappan,

it has been resolved,

if we use “find children” activity, selecting list as the element, having FIND_CHILDREN as scope, its working. subsequently using foreach we are able to iterate. here in the picture if we select the blank space its taking as the list, and the names are the list-items.

thanks for ur support. appreciate it !!!


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