Get multiple node in xml file

Hello. I would like to know if there’s a way to get multiple xml node with same name and store them by group? See example below for the xml:

Julie Monty Clark Isabel Clarice Robert Jesse Marie Juliana Bart Margie Mario

What I want to accomplish here is to group each and store them in a variable (1 variable = 1 contents). Thank you and I hope my question is not confusing.

Hi @Bruskie143

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  1. Read Text File (Output: xmlContent)

  2. Assign
    To: xmlDocument
    Value: XDocument.Parse(xmlContent)

  3. Assign
    To: xmlNodes
    Value: xmlDocument.Root.SelectNodes(“nodeName”)

  4. For Each node in xmlNodes

    • Process node content as needed (store in separate variables or use for further processing)
      End For Each


Hello Irtetala,
I just noticed that my question lacks structure so please see the screenshot below

I want to store each family node (which has 3 family components) in a variable so that if ever I want to access a particular family node, I can do it easily. I hope that it’s clear.

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