Get more than 1 row item

1.Data scrapping
2.for each -> get row item
3. add data row

How do i get more than 1 row of data under the same column ?


a = how many rows to skip
b = how many rows to take

Returns as a datatable variable.

Does this help?

I’m not sure how to use dt.

Sorry about that. dt just means data table. You would assign a name like TempTable as a system.datatable variable type. Let’s say your table name is TempTable, you would perform an assign activity:

TempTable = TempTable.skip(a).take(b)

Where should I locate the assign at?

Anytime after you’ve brought in the scraped data as a data table. Can you provide the .xaml file?

Sorry the site I’m getting from is a confidential site. Can you help me with one more problem? It is related to the date format when I’m extracting

Sure! What seems to be the problem?

From what I had observed is that whenever the date and the month figure is 12 and below it will swap

8/1/2018 8 Jan -after scrap- 1/8/2018 1 aug
8/10/2018 8 oct - after scrap- 10/8/2018 10 aug

These example won’t swap
17/10/2018 17 oct -after scrap- 17/10/2018 17 oct
17/8/2018 17 aug - after scrap- 17/8/2018 17 aug

After I uses data scraping from site that formatted in dd/mm/yyyy, but after I scrapped and write to excel this error occur

How exactly are you formatting them? I’m asking because when you convert a string to date format like this:


you have to make the MM uppercase. Lowercase creates issues.

No I did not format at all. All I did was data scrap write to excel

Not sure on this one. I could piece it together in UiPath but I think you would still get some errors when writing out to excel. I imagine there is an excel formula for this.

Date Scraping found related post

But Im not sure about his solution

Me either. You may need to pull it into a datatable in UiPath and parse it out from there.