Get Mail - The ContentID cannot contain a '<' or '>


We noticed that for some of the e-mails that are captured by Get Mail activity under Office 365 classic, we receive an error “The ContentID cannot contain a ‘<’ or '>”. This only exist for some e-mails. Majority of them passing through. Is there any solution for that?

error: System.ArgumentException: The ContentID cannot contain a ‘<’ or ‘>’ character. (Parameter ‘value’) at System.Net.Mail.AttachmentBase.set_ContentId(String value)

Thank you


Can you please tell is it happening for any specific set of emails?
Or specific filters that you are trying

As per error looks like some parameter provided is wrong or no as expected



No, as for now we cannot determine why this is happening and what’s the difference between the e-mails. E-mails have various attachments like “.pdf” “.tif” and others however in other cases they go through. We were checking this on Microsoft Office 365 Package ver 2.2.6 as well as 1.14.1. Those are first cases that happened after processing 3-4k of mails already.


Double check if you have an email with a .png file in attachment (that is generated because of a picture in the body) in the folder you are executing the Get Mail activity.

It happened with me 2 times, and it worked when deleting the original email with the .png in attachment.

Issue was addressed to UiPath support. Potential reason for that is Microsoft.Graph activities does no support signed e-mails.

Our case involved only one type of e-mail from 1 vendor. We consider this reply as partial solution for our case. Solution to implement in flow would be to add TryCatch that would capture this kind of e-mails or errors comming and either skip it or use other activities that does not use Graph for saving mails.