Get mail messages from Gmail shared maibox

Hello Community,

Hope you are all well ! :slight_smile:

I’m currently facing issues trying to automate a process involving a gmail shared maibox. Indeed, I need to retrieve messages from a shared mailbox on gmail, with variable searching criteria.

I succeeded in retrieving mails from a standard mailbox but not from a shared one.
I tried various packages such as Gsuite or Gmail API but I didn’t found the way to configure the activities properly to retrieve the mails (I already have a google service account with OAuth settings enabled, if it can help)
I also search the forum and found some answers for Outlook, Exchanges or Office 365 shared box but nothing concerning Gmail.

Can anyone of you help me dealing with that ?
Many thanks and stay safe

or anyone can just confirm that it is not possible with gmail for the moment ?


Hi @Martin_CHAUDEY, did you ever work this out ?