Get Mail message and attach each line to strings


I am making a process regarding getting mail messages.
Each line the email contains different information.
How do I attach each of the lines to different string variables?

@dvn If the Information in the Email is in the Body, Then Suppose ListOfMsgs is your Output of Get Mail Messages. Follow these Steps :

  1. For Each item of ListOfMsgs, Set Type Argument as Mail Message

  2. Inside For Each, Use an Assign Activity, say StrArray = Split(item.Body.ToString,Environment.NewLine)

  3. All the Lines in the Email Body are Stored Separately, in each index of StrArray.

StrArray is Of the type Array of Strings.


thank you very much for the reply and this has helped me very much.

But lets say I only want the first line assigned to a certain string, how would i do that?

@dvn So you want only the First line of Each message Assigned to a String varible?

@dvn Can you Check this Workflow and Try to implement it in your Workflow the Same, If any Doubts ,Please Ask :
Main.xaml (7.1 KB)

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